Once A Springer Always A Springer!!! This statement speaks volumes on so many levels. The Springer community is more then just supporters we are a FAMILY. It doesn't matter if you graduated in the 70's 80's or in 2021 if you have walked those halls at Highland Springs you are built different. With the new school set to open this fall lets show why Highland Springs is the BEST school in Virginia period. We are offering a very unique opportunity to leave your mark at the brand new Highland Springs High School building by purchasing an Engraved Brick. This offer is open to teachers, alumni, to honor a loved one, and anyone who wants to leave a legacy mark. What a great way to be remembered or to acknowledge a special time or person. This offer is limited to the FIRST 1000 bricks so please do not wait to be apart of this historical event. Cut off date is October 25th 2021. If you have any questions, please contact: Lamont Folsom 804-304-2653 l.folsom2@gmail.com Only submit this form ONE time. Please double check your boxes before submitting. If you have any questions please email or call Lamont before submitting your form.

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  • 4x8 Brick Text Only - $125

    *Replicas may only be ordered with purchase of full-size brick.
  • 4x8 Brick with Clipart - $125

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    *Replicas may only be ordered with purchase of full-size brick.