The Open Cross Prayer Park is progressing quickly. KCF would like to incorporate the families at KCF into the park by building a pathway paved with bricks engraved with the names of precious family members that we are actively praying for to know and receive the grace and blessings of Jesus Christ. We are naming it our “Family Tree.” The hope is that this project is NEVER finished as the pathway flourishes and continues to grow with the addition of new names and families that become part of KCF, or other families that God has placed on our hearts to pray for. The pathway will grow out into the open space of the prayer park as a tree grows into the open spaces above. Walking the pathway, the pavers will remind people to pray for the families at their feet. Our hope is that this pathway, through prayer, will lead many to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Please join us in purchasing 1, 2, or even more bricks for your family and the families that you pray for. This is not a fundraiser. We are keeping the cost low to enable every KCF family to purchase at least one brick for their immediate family.

Our initial goal is to sell 500 engraved bricks. Achieving this goal will allow us to build the first section of the pathway approximately 100 feet into the prayer park. This will represent the trunk of the tree and we will expand further by branching off of the main trunk with other pathways.

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Diane Miller

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  • 4x8 Brick Text Only - $25

  • 8x8 Brick Text Only - $50