Recreation Planning Update: Crested Butte South What is Southside Skate Park? A citizen committee was formed in late 2020 with the idea for a skate park in Crested Butte South. The idea was to create a skate park for a wide range of ages and abilities in one of the largest population centers in the Gunnison Valley. The Southside Skate Park committee has been working with the community to design a skate park that can be integrated into Red Mountain Park naturally using the existing park and that may expand over time as the needs grow. This project will be begin on June of 2022. Public process. In December of last year, the first public meeting was held to gain feedback from users and to identify resources in the community that could help. Many citizens were present and were encouraged to make recommendations on the design, features and layout. These recommendations were integrated into the design by John Maudsley from Team Pain, to create a plan and budget for the project. Funding. The project budget is approximately $85,000 and we hope to raise the funds though a mix of sources including individuals, businesses, and grants. The budget includes a skate bowl, a gazebo, signage, donor recognition areas, landscaping, lighting and additional park fixtures. Southside Skate Park has teamed up with the Community Foundation for the Gunnison Valley to accept donations on our behalf to make your contribution tax deductible. It is the hope that the project will be 80% funded by donations and the remaining project cost through grants and Crested Butte South Property Owners Association park funding. Get Involved! The committee is working to connect volunteers and individuals that can help this dream become a reality. Please reach out if you are interested in helping with this project in any way. A Facebook group has been created, an awesome logo and subsequent swag has been identified, and a website will be developed to communicate this recreational park amenity. Events. Join us at the local Farmers Market on Thursdays to get more information. On August 21st of this year a live music event will be hosted at Red Mountain Park with games, libations and entertainment for the whole family. Bands will perform from 4 pm to 8 pm during the fundraising event. This is a ticketed event to raise funding needed for this project. Additional events will be scheduled this fall and early spring of 2022 to achieve our community goals. If you have any questions, please contact: Rachael Miller 970-596-4423

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