scbc-imageSt. Charles Borromeo Catholic School is so close to realizing the dream of building a gymnasium for our students. But we need your help! In celebration of this historic milestone, we are offering our St. Charles School families and alumni a chance to leave their permanent mark with the purchase of Legacy Bricks. Legacy Bricks will unite our past, present, and future students with a custom engraving and optional image, and will serve as a pathway to the main entrance of our new gymnasium. We are asking all of our parents to purchase a brick for each of their students, past and present. Parents with more than two students can purchase one large brick for the entire family. Across generations, we are united as a spiritual family here at St. Charles Borromeo School, and we want all of our students, teachers, staff, and families to be forever remembered as the students of the future walk in your footsteps into their own futures. Please help us to build this gymnasium for your children. Order your Legacy Bricks today! If you prefer to pay by check, please use the following Order Form If you have any questions, please contact: Michael O'Malley 941-625-5533

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  • 4x8 Brick Text Only - $250

  • 4x8 Brick with Clipart (Top) - $250

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  • 8x8 Brick Text Only - $500

  • 8x8 Brick with Clipart - $500

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