Brick Markers® USA has helped raise funds for schools and universities throughout the USA. Engraved bricks/tiles offer a viable fundraising approach for groups such as: alumni associations, booster clubs, parent teacher organizations, sports teams, student councils, cheerleading squads, bands, etc. Additionally, engraved items are a wonderful way to raise funds while also providing a permanent means of recognizing students for significant achievements such as: student of the month, graduation, honor society, etc.


School Fundraising Ideas - Lake Worth

Whether your goals are directed at fundraising or student recognition, our sales and marketing team have the experience to provide unparalleled customer support. From the moment you contact us, a customer service representative will be assigned to your account. We will work with you to customize a program to meet your unique requirements in every area including: program goals; development of product offerings and pricing; marketing ideas; customer mailings; design of order forms; implementation of order processing systems and procedures; selection of installation locations; and much more.

At Brick Markers® USA, we are committed to your success and providing the finest quality products in the industry. Contact us today to see how our products and services can lead to your fundraising success or provide a unique and permanent way of recognizing student accomplishments.


University Fundraising Ideas - West Palm Beach

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