The Veterans Memorial Park Dedication took place at the Charles R. Ware Memorial on June 8, 2002. Brick Markers® USA was proud to provide our exclusive Vitralase® laser engraved bricks.

The United States Veterans should be remembered for the sacrifice they put forth for the freedom of our country. Brick Markers® USA engraved bricks, like our great country will endure any elements and last a lifetime. Our laser engraved bricks will be around for many more generations to enjoy. The public will be able to pay respect to the people that lost their lives for our freedom.

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The November 2002 Dedication memorialized 483 new Veterans Commemorative Bricks. There are now over 2700 Veterans honored at the Veterans Memorial Park. There were approximately 150 people attending the ceremony. Below are people enjoying the day looking at the memorial plaza area and the newly placed bricks.

The Charles R. Ware monument was unveiled during the ceremony and pictured above are several previous USS Charles R. Ware DD-865 shipmates. During her speech, Under Secretary of the Navy said, "To the USS Ware Veterans I salute each and every one of you and thank you and every other veteran here today for serving our country."