Need a fundraising idea? Brick Markers® USA will provide a profitable campaign to any fundraising project. Our engraved bricks, pavers, tiles and various sizes sell themselves. We offer a lifetime guarantee! BMI engraved products are the best in the industry!

Who can benefit from brick fundraising?

Fundraising Ideas - West Palm Beach

We specialize in fundraising projects worldwide. Our sales & marketing team is here to help build your project into a complete success with a variety of bricks and tiles.

When looking for that unique way to show your donors your appreciation; try fundraising with Brick Markers® USA, Inc. The moment you inquire with Brick Markers® USA, Inc., you will be appointed a customer service representative who will work with you from the very beginning stages of creating your special donor brick flyer, brochure or pamphlet to confirming that your brick order has arrived as promised.

Brick Markers® USA, Inc. provides all clients with specific marketing ideas that meet their particular needs for fundraising as well as fundraising ideas that will save you money and raise profit margins for your organization. What better way to express your sincere appreciation, than by offering your donors a permanent place within your organization.

Contact us today to see how fundraising ideas and brick fundraising can provide a considerable amount of profit for your organization. Our customer service representatives are highly trained professionals and are here to assist you. Our mini-brixs are a wonderful addition to any fundraising campaign. You can now offer your donors a small memorabilia of an exact replica of their brick. It can be used as a paperweight, add a magnet to the back and place it on their refrigerator or simply use it as a conversation piece.

Remember, your donors may never have the opportunity to actually see their donor recognition brick at it's final resting place; this gives them the opportunity to view their brick in a "mini" way.

For fundraising questions please contact us at 1-800-634-8948.