How To Run a Successful
Brick Fundraiser

with Brick Markers® USA

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A Step By Step Guide to Running a Successful
Brick Fundraising Campaign.

Step 1: Consider a Brick Fundraiser

High Profitability. Our vendor relationships, quantity discounts and commitment to the latest technologies allow us to price our products and services aggressively. In turn, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Ongoing Fundraising. Your brick/tile fundraiser can be active for years to come. There are no upfront costs or left over inventory to worry about. Start and stop your fundraiser based on your organizations goals.

Donor Recognition. Your donors receive a permanently engraved brick/tile with the exact information they want on it. You can also offer your donors a mini replica or standard size replica of their full size product as a takeaway.


Step 2: Begin With The End in Mind

Determine an Installation Area. We always recommend starting your brick/tile fundraising process by choosing your installation area. The size of the area will determine how many bricks/tiles you need to sell, and how to price them.

Establishing Your Sales Goals. Understanding your sales goals early on will help you establish pricing for your bricks/tiles.

Price Your Product. Now that you have established an installation area and your sales goals, you are ready to price your donation levels accordingly to maximize your profits.


Step 3: Contact Our Sales Team

Brainstorming. Contact one of our industry professionals to discuss your potential brick/tile fundraiser in depth. Our team will introduce you to our many tools, and strategize with you on running a successful campaign.

Strategy. When should we start/stop our campaign? How quickly can I receive my order? Can I get filler/blank bricks from you too? Our sales team is here to guide and assist you with these types of questions.

Request a Free Sample. Now that our sales team is privy to your particular needs, we can recommend a brick/tile that best fits your campaign/project, and ship you a sample to review.


Step 4: Unrivaled Marketing Tools

FREE Donor Website. We can create a custom website for your fundraising program, designed to meet your organizations unique brand identity. This site allows your donors to purchase their brick/tile online with ease.

FREE Website Analytics & Marketing Support. Wondering how effective your marketing efforts are? We can provide you with detailed analytics of your custom website, allowing you to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly to increase exposure.

FREE Brochure/Order Form. Brick Markers® offers full support by either providing you with actual client brochure samples to assist you with the design and creation of your own brochure, or by creating a tri-fold brochure for you.


Step 5: Launch Your Fundraiser

Release your Webpage & Marketing Collateral. You are ready to launch your fundraiser to the public! If you have chosen to have a free webpage created, remember to include the link in all your marketing materials.

Collect Orders with our Simple Ordering System. Our proprietary ordering system offers you a “user friendly” streamlined system, making it easy for you to compile the donor’s engraving information.

Track your Profits. As orders roll in, track your profits to ensure that you are meeting your sales goals.


Step 6: Place your order

Submit your order(s) to your Sales Representative. Once we have received your order, our team will do a preliminary check of your submitted information for compliance with our engraving standards and processes.

Request a specific ship date. Need your bricks/tiles within a specific time frame, or delivered by a certain date? Work with your Sales Representative to create a timeline for ordering, so that any deadlines or event dates are met.

Receive and Install your Bricks/Tiles. Congratulations, your fundraising campaign has been a success! Now it’s time to install your bricks/tiles, or distribute them to your donors.