Brick Markers® USA, Inc. is pleased to present our new Exclusive Vitralase® Mini-Brix™.

You can now offer your donors a small memorabilia of an exact replica of their brick. It can be used as a paperweight, add a magnet to the back and place it on their refrigerator or simply use it as a conversation piece.

Remember, your donors may never have the opportunity to actually see their donor recognition brick at it's final resting place, this gives them the opportunity to view their brick in a "mini" way.

If your organization does not have a location to install bricks, offer the Vitralase® Mini-Brix™ as a thank you to your donors for their contributions.

Or maybe your organization already has a brick campaign project completed or in the process of completion, you can now offer your donors the Vitralase® Mini-Brix™ for additional profits to your project.

Below is the comparison of the Standard brick vs. Mini-Brix™.


The Vitralase® Mini-Brix™ dimensions are 1½X3 AND 3X3.

Color Chart