Brick Markers® USA's patented laser engraving processes use a high-powered laser system to engrave each brick or tile. By directing a continuous flow of intense laser energy, the image is "vitrified" into the brick or tile. The vitrification process actually converts the engraved portion of the clay product into a hardened glass, which withstands the elements like no other engraving method can. We have found that many consumers are misled by our competitors into believing that deep engraving, such as sandblasting, pantographing, or other methods that require cutting into the brick/tile and removing material provides durability similar to that provided by our patented process. However, the competing technologies actually weaken the integrity of the brick/tile and wear down over a relatively-short time. In stark contrast to deep engraving, our patented vitrification laser engraving process provides a permanent and attractive mark that offers the ultimate in durability and features our limited lifetime warranty. After the vitrification process, the brick or tile products are still of one substrate. The hardened glass engraving and its color are both a result of 100% natural inorganic earth element materials that are fused into the brick or tile. The result is the ultimate in "Green" technology. No solvents, paints, plastics or VOC's (volatile organic compounds) are used in our processes. The indelible engraving is actually harder than the brick or tile itself on a Mohs scale, which is a scale for classifying minerals based on relative hardness and determined by the ability of harder minerals to scratch softer ones. In the end, you and Brick Markers® USA want your brick/tile campaign to be successful and maintenance free, so you can feel certain that your donors have the assurance of knowing that their bricks/tiles will last a lifetime. It is important to us that 100% of the revenue raised is allocated to the initial fundraising cause and not into replacing any bricks/tiles that do not meet the standards of your committee/board and your donors. Additionally, the overall longevity and appearance of your brick/tile area will have a direct reflection on the success of your campaign. Although Brick Markers® USA provides a lifetime warranty on all of our products, we are proud to say that, since the inception of our company, we have never even been asked to replace or repair any of our patented laser engraved product due to deterioration or illegibility of any kind. This is, no doubt, due to the incredible durability produced by our patented laser processes. Brick Markers® USA laser engraving technology is covered by the following U.S. & Foreign Patents: 6,064,034, 6,635,846, 7,238,396, GB2349609, CA 2474284 and 5,554,335.

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