As a result of the excellent care received, people often develop a strong appreciation for health care institutions. Selling engraved bricks and tiles to be installed at your facility provides an excellent way for patients, families and friends to: express their gratitude, make a financial contribution and receive recognition for their support. Personalized engraved messages can be shared to thank a caregiver, unit, program or to memorialize a loved one.

Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital

Hospital Fundraising Ideas - LOS ANGELES ORTHOPAEDIC

Brick Markers® has experience working with numerous health care organizations. Whether you want to raise funds for new construction, renovation, equipment, or to support expansion of programs and services, our engraved bricks are the prescription. In addition to engraving messages from individual donors, we have the capability to engrave logos; this provides a highly desirable means of recognizing your corporate/business supporters.

The engraved items are suitable for installation in nearly any interior or exterior location. Items can be installed in a single location or in multiple locations. For example, you could have donors to a major construction project recognized in a walkway to the main entrance while donors to a specialty unit could have items installed on walls/floors within the unit.

If your fundraising efforts have been sickly, now is the time to act. Our experienced customer service representatives have a wide range of expertise and are ready to assist in bringing vitality to your fundraising efforts. Call today and a customer service representative will be assigned immediately.

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