Arrays represent the pinnacle of our product line. An array is an engraved image spread over multiple bricks. Arrays can be made in virtually any size and subsequently offer a highly visible option for customers. They can be engraved with signatures or team/corporate logos to up sell customers.


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Multi-Displays are typically 12x12 or 16x16 and consist of a mixture of 4x4, 4x8 and 8x8 bricks. The 12x12 consists of (1) 4x4, (2) 4x8 and (1) 8x8 and the 16x16 consists of (4) 4x4, (4) 4x8 and (1) 8x8. The goal of any fundraising campaign is to raise money for your cause and by offering multiple products (levels of giving), you can maximize your gross revenue. We recommend selling multi-displays to generate an even greater profit margin.


*Brick Products Only