Do you need funds for: a new building; renovation; repairs and maintenance; investments; supplies and equipment or to support religious education and programming? Selling engraved bricks and tiles is a proven method of fundraising and donor recognition. A commemorative brick and tile program is the ideal fundraising program for a church, synagogue, temple, mosque or shrine.


Religious Fundraising Ideas - West Palm Beach

Brick Markers® has experience working with religious organizations across the country. We use our broad range of experience to customize your program for your organization. For example, we can offer engraved items featuring religious symbols (e.g. Cross, Star of David, Islamic Star and Crescent, etc.). We can also work with you to incorporate religious designs within your brick/tile installation area.

Our support services are also customized in response to your specific requirements. We will guide and assist you in each step of your campaign including: marketing, design of order forms, customer communications, order processing, section development and locator map, press releases and more. Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise and experience to work with you to maximize your fundraising potential.

We are committed to providing superior service and a knowledgeable customer service representative will be assigned at first contact. Call today and start down the path to a successful fundraising campaign.


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