Green Technology

Some have called this the "century of the environment". Individuals and companies can no longer assume that societal challenges such as pollution, dwindling natural resources and climate change can be ignored and reserved for future generations to contend with. The term "technology" refers to the application of knowledge for practical purposes. The field of "green technology" (also known as "clean technology") encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials and it is impossible to predict what "green technology" may eventually encompass. This dawning era of innovation and creativity in "green technology" is bringing the promise of a healthier planet and the prospect of growing businesses that can help to sustain its health. Brick Markers® is focused on sustainability (meeting the needs of society in manners that can continue indefinitely into the future without damaging or depleting natural resources). Our patented laser engraving and its color are both a result of 100% natural inorganic earth element materials and use no solvents, paints, plastics or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This is the ultimate in "green technology" and we are happy to do our part in sustaining the environment. Additionally, as one of the oldest, continuously used building materials in the world, clay brick's unsurpassed life cycle, exceptional energy efficiency, natural ingredients, minimal waste, and countless recycling options are just a few of the properties that make brick the superb sustainable material it has been for thousands of years. Over the past thirty years the manufacturing of bricks has improved dramatically, contributing to the inherent sustainability of the product. Manufacturing plants have been re-engineered to make use of highly efficient tunnel kilns, fired using natural gas, and all waste heat and clay is recycled within the plant. Many plants also collect all the water they use.

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