Sports Team Fundraising Ideas - West Palm Beach

Brick Markers® USA has the experience necessary to customize a program ideally suited to your specific needs. We have worked with teams/venues throughout the country such as: football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey. Sports teams and venues offer outstanding revenue prospects and our most successful program has attained gross sales in excess of $1.6 million.

No project is too big or small and every project benefits from the superior appearance and durability of our patented laser engraving as well as our outstanding customer support. Every project is different and we excel in meeting the unique needs of each. Brick Markers® provides a full range of support for your fundraising program including:

  • Assistance in developing your marketing plan (including action plan and budget)
  • Expertise in the design of promotional materials and order forms
  • Order processing (including 24 hour call center, if desired)
  • Production and shipping
  • Consultation on the selection of installation locations
  • Site design and development of section plans and locator system
  • Mailings
  • Management reporting
  • Drafting of news conference materials and press releases

Replicas are exact reproductions of the item to be installed at the venue and can then be proudly displayed by the buyer at home, work or school. The sale of replica products is a proven method of revenue enhancement and therefore we strongly suggest that you incorporate replicas into your campaign. They can be included in the price of the item to be installed or can be offered separately. We offer replica packages and can ship the replicas directly to the donor's address. Our replica packages include felt dots to ensure the bottom of the replicas do not damage any surface area. Replica products can also be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

In short, Brick Markers® is capable of assisting you with virtually every aspect of implementation. Call today to find out more about how Brick Markers® USA can help you capture additional revenue and enable your fans to become a part of your legacy.

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