Brick Markers® has extensive experience with projects such as stadiums, zoos, universities, streetscapes, libraries, memorials, parks and recreation centers. Every project is different and we excel in meeting the unique needs of each. Brick Markers® provides a full range of support for your fundraising program including:

1. Assistance in developing your marketing plan (including action plan and budget)

Brick Markers® can assist in developing your marketing plan (including action plan and budget). As you formulate your plan, we can assist in: analyzing your current situation, defining your target market and segments (e.g. geographic, demographic and psychographic), completing an analysis of competitors and issues (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), and defining your marketing objectives and strategy (e.g. product, price, promotion and place). This underlying analysis is critical and forms the basis for the success of your program. Brick Markers® is prepared to help you maximize your sales and revenue by utilizing the unparalleled capabilities of our Vitralase® and Vitrix® processes to provide maximum flexibility in formulating your product offerings. We are capable of supporting a broad product line including:
  • Bricks and tiles
  • Various sizes (including multi-brick or tile displays and arrays)
  • Team and/or corporate logos
  • Signature items and much more
Any of the products that you select for inclusion in your program can be customized (e.g. typestyle, font size, logos, color, etc.) to meet your unique requirements. A broad product line affords ample opportunity to up sell customers through various levels of giving.

2. Expertise in the design of promotional materials and order forms

Brick Markers® has years of experience on many projects and can utilize this to assist you in the design of promotional materials and order forms. We can assist in concept development and drafting of text and layout for promotional pieces (e.g. website, brochures, game day ads, mailers, radio/television scripts, etc.). We can help you design order forms, develop phone scripts and any other materials necessary to support your program.

3. Order processing (including 24 hour call center, if desired)

Brick Markers® has many order-processing options available, and you can select the method that best suits your customer service requirements and budget constraints. Nevertheless, our experience shows that each program is unique, which is why we will assess each project on an individual basis. All options include consultation and assistance in the development of a marketing plan as well as program implementation.

Option 1 – Client Operated Order Center

The Client Operated Order Center, is the least expensive level of support available through Brick Markers®. This option is intended for those clients wishing to assume overall responsibility for processing orders, payments, and certain mailings.

Option 2 – Brick Markers® Mail Order Center (Internet, fax or mail orders)

The Brick Markers® Mail Order Center, provides an intermediate level of support for clients. Under this option, only Internet, fax and mail orders are accepted. Under this option, all orders are sent by fax or mail to Brick Markers® for processing. This option is intended for those clients not wishing to assume responsibility for order processing and mailings but yet intend on minimizing order processing costs.

Option 3 – Brick Markers® Full Service Order Center (phone, Internet, fax or mail orders)

The Brick Markers® Full Service Order Center, provides the highest level of support for clients. Under this option, telephone, Internet, fax and mail orders are accepted. This option is intended for those clients not wishing to assume responsibility for order processing, inquiries and mailings. This option is intended for programs anticipating a heavy volume of sales and desiring a high level of customer service and convenience. As can be seen, options range from order processing by your staff to twenty-four hour call center services provided through Brick Markers®. Arrangements can be made to accept orders by phone, fax, mail and/or Internet. Customers can also be provided with various payment options such as check, money order or credit/debit card. We will work with you to customize any option to meet your specific requirements.

4. Production and shipping

Brick Markers® will provide you with an engraving report so that you can review each order prior to production to ensure that the requested engraving meets any guidelines that you have established (e.g. no profanity, no political messages, etc.). Of course, based on our experience, we can assist you in defining these guidelines. Additionally, prior to production, each customer is sent a verification letter for final review and approval. Once final approval is obtained from you and the customer, the order is sent to production. Orders for items to be installed at your location are accumulated, produced and shipped in batches. This helps to control your shipping costs. Additionally, holding the items at our plant reduces the risk of damage and the need to store items at your location for a prolonged period. Items can be shipped just in time for scheduled installation. Replica products are produced and shipped continuously so as to avoid any unnecessary delays to the customer.

5. Consultation on the selection of installation locations

Brick Markers® has extensive experience working with customers to select installation locations for commemorative items. Various factors need to be considered in evaluating possible locations including potential demand and concomitant space requirements, competing demands for space (e. g. advertising and sponsorships), security and access by customers coming to view their commemorative items, marketability and aesthetics. Location can also offer a rather innovative way to up sell customers. For example, customers may be willing to pay more to have their items placed in premier locations (e.g. inside vs. outside, adjacent to monuments, etc.). This can be a great way to increase your revenue potential without incurring any additional costs.

6. Site Design and development of section plans and locator system

Brick Markers® provides expertise in site design and the development of section plans and a locator system. These activities must be undertaken in an integrated fashion to ensure a visually pleasing layout and the availability of accurate location information for installers and customers looking for their items. Site design is undertaken in the context of the overall aesthetics of your facility and site. Location, color, shape and scale are evaluated to ensure development of a visually pleasing installation. Section plans are necessary to assign locations to items purchased, and each section is assigned a unique identifier (e.g. number, letter, etc.). Since the number of items that fit into a section can vary based on a number of factors such as the quantity and size of items sold and varying section dimensions, developing section plans can be quite complex. Additionally, items are organized and labeled by section for shipment to make it easy for installers to place each item in the correct location. Brick Markers® can also assist you in the development of your locator system, which is necessary for large installations so that a customer can find the section in which the item has been installed. Typically, locator systems involve the development of a map depicting the various locations (e. g. section numbers) where items are installed. Location data can also be provided to you in electronic format if you wish to develop an automated locator kiosk on site. A kiosk enables customers to retrieve location information by simply entering basic identifying information such as the purchaser's name. A visually pleasing site design, accurate section plans and a reliable, easy to use locator system are key elements of a successful program. Brick Markers® has the experience to ensure that these are developed correctly.

7. Mailings

Brick Markers® can coordinate all necessary mailings for your program. Timely mailings are important to providing superior service by ensuring that customers are kept up to date regarding the status of their order. Mailings can be tailored to meet your needs and Brick Markers® can assist by drafting mailer language for your review. Typically, customer mailings include a verification letter and location letter, both of which may also be used to thank customers for their orders. As noted previously, the verification letter provides the customer a final opportunity to review the inscription prior to production. A locator letter (including locator map) is sent after a location is assigned so that a customer can find the item once it is installed. Brick Markers® can draft all mailings for your review and approval.

8. Management reporting

Brick Markers® can provide all management reports necessary to effectively oversee your program. Information collected during order processing is compiled and presented so that you have accurate and timely management information including:
  • Summary order information (e.g. quantity sold and revenue by SKU)
  • Order detail (e.g. order number, customer name, address and phone number; inscription, method of payment, etc.)
  • Order center summary statistics (e.g. number of orders received by fax, Internet, phone, mail, etc.)
  • Order center detail such as call taker identification, date and time of call, and time spent by type of call (e.g. inquiry, order, etc.)
  • Specialized reports (e.g. orders by location, by time period, etc.)
Brick Markers® can also work with you to develop reports to address any special needs that you have. Brick Markers®' management reports ensure that you have the timely and accurate information required to manage your program.

9. Free Donor Website

We will create a custom website for your fundraising program. Your donors will have the ability to purchase their brick/tile online with ease. We will design and host a unique website for your group or organization. We will work with you to create a site with images and wording that best represent your vision. Click here to view our program enhancers.
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