When determining the method of engraving for your campaign, please take the time to research the various technologies carefully. We strongly recommend that you visit project sites that have been installed for several years or more and see for yourself what methods withstand normal wear and tear and weather conditions. In the end you want your brick campaign to be successful and maintenance free, so you can be confident that your donors have the assurance of knowing that their bricks will last a lifetime. It is essential that 100% of the revenue raised is allocated for your organization's fundraising cause and not into replacing any bricks that do not meet the standards of your committee/board and your donors. Additionally, the overall longevity and appearance of your brick/tile area will determine how successful your campaign will be. We feel that it is our job to educate our prospective clients as thoroughly as possible as to the differences of engraving methods and the advantages of working with Brick Markers® USA, Inc. We hope the information in this section of our website will greatly assist you in making the best decision for your engraving needs.

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