5. Why choose BMI?

June 13th, 2016

Since 1997 we have been providing the ultimate fund raising products. We offer profitable fund raising and marketing strategies tailored to fit your unique needs. We are focused on your needs and will work closely with you to define and meet your fundraising goals. Our patented processes are the ultimate "Green" technology and we guarantee our engraving will not fade, chip, oxidize, peel or separate from the brick, paver or tile for the life of the surface of the engraved brick, paver or tile. Since the inception of our company, none of our engraved products have ever been replaced. In the end you want your brick campaign to be successful and maintenance free, so you can feel confident that your donors have the assurance of knowing that their donor bricks will last a lifetime. It is important that 100% of the revenue raised is allocated for the initial fundraising cause and not into replacing any bricks that do not meet the standards of your committee/board and your donors. Additionally, the overall longevity and appearance of your brick/tile area will have a direct impact on how successful your campaign will