8. Management reporting

June 13th, 2016

Brick Markers® can provide all management reports necessary to effectively oversee your program. Information collected during order processing is compiled and presented so that you have accurate and timely management information including:

  • Summary order information (e.g. quantity sold and revenue by SKU)
  • Order detail (e.g. order number, customer name, address and phone number; inscription, method of payment, etc.)
  • Order center summary statistics (e.g. number of orders received by fax, Internet, phone, mail, etc.)
  • Order center detail such as call taker identification, date and time of call, and time spent by type of call (e.g. inquiry, order, etc.)
  • Specialized reports (e.g. orders by location, by time period, etc.)

Brick Markers® can also work with you to develop reports to address any special needs that you have. Brick Markers®' management reports ensure that you have the timely and accurate information required to manage your program.