"The high-quality product that Brick Markers® USA produced encouraged more sales of the personalized pavers and enabled us to place an additional order for approximately 100 pavers at the beginning of 2007. Sales of the pavers will continue to be available to our patrons throughout the year through our online ticketing system.

The easy-to-use order Excel spreadsheet supplied by Brick Markers® USA expedites the ordering process by direct e-mail to our sales representative and their Accounting Department provides timely invoices promptly after receiving an order for verification. The staff at Brick Markers® USA provides the Faire with excellent support both by e-mail and phone and a recent change to our sales representative was completed seamlessly in regards to their interactions with Faire staff.

I can confidently recommend Brick Markers® USA as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field."

Scott Bowser
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire