6. Site Design and development of section plans and locator system

June 13th, 2016

Brick Markers® provides expertise in site design and the development of section plans and a locator system. These activities must be undertaken in an integrated fashion to ensure a visually pleasing layout and the availability of accurate location information for installers and customers looking for their items.

Site design is undertaken in the context of the overall aesthetics of your facility and site. Location, color, shape and scale are evaluated to ensure development of a visually pleasing installation.

Section plans are necessary to assign locations to items purchased, and each section is assigned a unique identifier (e.g. number, letter, etc.). Since the number of items that fit into a section can vary based on a number of factors such as the quantity and size of items sold and varying section dimensions, developing section plans can be quite complex. Additionally, items are organized and labeled by section for shipment to make it easy for installers to place each item in the correct location.

Brick Markers® can also assist you in the development of your locator system, which is necessary for large installations so that a customer can find the section in which the item has been installed. Typically, locator systems involve the development of a map depicting the various locations (e. g. section numbers) where items are installed. Location data can also be provided to you in electronic format if you wish to develop an automated locator kiosk on site. A kiosk enables customers to retrieve location information by simply entering basic identifying information such as the purchaser's name.

A visually pleasing site design, accurate section plans and a reliable, easy to use locator system are key elements of a successful program. Brick Markers® has the experience to ensure that these are developed correctly.