4. Production and shipping

June 13th, 2016

Brick Markers® will provide you with an engraving report so that you can review each order prior to production to ensure that the requested engraving meets any guidelines that you have established (e.g. no profanity, no political messages, etc.). Of course, based on our experience, we can assist you in defining these guidelines. Additionally, prior to production, each customer is sent a verification letter for final review and approval. Once final approval is obtained from you and the customer, the order is sent to production.

Orders for items to be installed at your location are accumulated, produced and shipped in batches. This helps to control your shipping costs. Additionally, holding the items at our plant reduces the risk of damage and the need to store items at your location for a prolonged period. Items can be shipped just in time for scheduled installation. Replica products are produced and shipped continuously so as to avoid any unnecessary delays to the customer.